Buying vs. Leasing in Los Angeles: Which BMW Financing Option is Right for Me?

Financing a BMW lease or loan in the Los Angeles area isn't always black and white--and knowing which financing option is going to be right for you can occasionally get complicated. There are unique benefits that come along with buying vs leasing--while both are also saddled with small compromises. Being armed with knowledge is the best way to feel confident about your decision, and the team at McKenna BMW in Norwalk is here to help.

Explore some of the differences between leasing vs buying in Los Angeles, browse the new showroom at McKenna BMW to get a taste of some of the exciting models available for lease, and contact us to learn about our current lease deals and financing incentives.

But first, read on to discover the benefits of both buying and leasing to see which option best suits your LA budget and lifestyle!

Financing at McKenna BMW

The Benefits of Buying

Purchasing/financing a new BMW may be the best fit for your lifestyle here in the Los Angeles and Norwalk areas if these phrases strike the right chord for you:

  • Buying gives you more power over your decisions
  • No mileage limits annually
  • Buying means you build equity with every payment--and you can pay down your loan faster with larger payments
  • When you've paid off your loan, you own the vehicle outright
  • Owning is more flexible than leasing--it's easier to trade in or sell a purchased vehicle without termination fees

The Benefits of Leasing

Leasing a new BMW in the LA or Norwalk areas may be the best fit for your lifestyle if the below benefits sound like exactly what you're looking for:

  • A lease is extremely customizable; you can adjust the months of the term as well as how many miles allotted per year traveled to change the cost of payments
  • It's easy to upgrade to a brand-new BMW every few years
  • You can get a lot more for your money per month
  • You'll only pay for what you use
  • Mileage limits can be adjusted to meet your needs