Give your new BMW a taste of the Autobahn.

Take delivery of your new BMW in Munich, Germany and enjoy your first drives together on some of the world's legendary roads - the very roads that it was designed for. An experience unlike any other, taking delivery of your new BMW in Europe will definitely make you smile. So will the savings. You may save up to 7 percent of the retail price - up to $8,580. You'll also save by eliminating airplane, train, taxi, and bus fares while in Europe. The savings you realize by taking delivery in Europe just may pay for your trip.

Step 1:�Visit McKenna BMW and meet with Noah Schmerling the authorized�European Delivery�Director,�to reserve your new BMW at least three months prior to when you wish to travel. Your BMW will be made to order, so it is essential that the factory schedule its production as soon as possible.

Step 2:�Plan your trip to Germany (and beyond). Chose from the five pre-set tours offered by BMW, or customize your trip through BMW.
Additionally, you can take advantage of two-for-one cost savings from Lufthansa airlines.

Step 3:�Upon arriving in Germany, take a taxi or urban railway and underground to the BMW Welt, which is approximately 45 minutes from the Munich Airport. Your vehicle will be ready for pickup on the delivery date you specified on your purchase order.

Step 4:�Enjoy your first interactions with your BMW and your vacation in Europe without the hassles of taxis, public transportation, and rental cars. If you have ordered your new BMW to include the navigation system, you can even leave the old-fashioned maps at home, as the vehicle will be loaded with European maps as well.�
At the conclusion of your trip, drive to the European drop-off site of your choosing to ship your car back to the United States. For your convenience, you can drop off your car on weekdays to any one of 20 locations in the following countries. Then take a taxi to the nearest airport, fly home, and reunite with your new BMW stateside.

Step 5: Contact Noah Schemerling at (866) 979-6932 for more information.

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Important information regarding European pick up during winter months
Germany passed a ruling that requires drivers to properly equip their vehicles according to inclement weather conditions. When driving conditions are dangerous due to ice or snow, cars must be equipped with All Season tires (also called 'M+S tires'). There might be street sections for which snow tires or even snow chains are declared mandatory. This often is the case for ski resorts and alpine passes. It is the responsibility of the car owner driver to equip their vehicle appropriately for the prevailing weather conditions. If you do not appropriately equip your vehicle for the weather conditions that exist during your drive, obstruct traffic or get involved in an accident as a result thereof, it is possible you may be cited for a violation of the law by the local authorities or be found to be grossly negligent according to the law. Other countries you may visit including Austria and Switzerland may also have similar laws. If the Police find that you are not equipped with the appropriate items when the weather conditions deem them necessary, and if the officer feels that other traffic participants have been endangered, they have the authority to fine a driver 20 euros or in some cases significantly higher. is a snow tire rental option and includes pricing and details of booking the tire rental in Germany. Please be advised that all cars must come back to Munich to have your original BMW tires put back on the car before shipment to the U.S.